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Cebu is called the Queen City of the South is the oldest city in the Philippines. As you would expect it is rich in history and places of historical interest. These include a real Spanish fortress with old canons pointing out to sea that were used to repel invading pirates.  The original wooden Christian Cross brought by Ferdinand Magellan when he first landed and claimed the Philippines for Spain in 1521. Around Cebu Island are 167 islets and islands lined with idyllic white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and swaying palms, making Cebu a perfect destination for that escape to a Tropical Paradise. Mactan Island is a coral island and famous scuba diving and its beach resorts. Malapascua Island is endowed with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, and the west coast is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Moalboal is great for scuba diving and close by is Panagsama Beach, which is home to an extraordinary array of coral, anemones, sponges, and a swarming host of brightly colored reef fish. Cebu has been a major trading port for centuries and subject to many diverse cultural influences including Chinese, Indian and Arab traders.  Islam had spread to Cebu by the time Magellan arrived and while most converted to Christianity it has left its influence in dance and costume. The 400 year colonial Spanish Period has had a major influence on almost every aspect of life, and in the past century the Philippines has embraced American Culture. This dynamic mix and created a rich and diverse cultural heritage that is unique. Cebuano musicians and singers are renowned around Asia and Cebu city has an abundance of venues providing live music and entertainment to suit all tastes. You will also find many Karaoke bars and KTV music lounges as the locals love to sing. There are also the infamous Bikini bars where you can see scantly dressed young ladies dancing for your entertainment. 

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Central Visayas

Cebu is the name of the Island and Major City in the Central Visayas
For many hundreds of years it was the Philippines Capital

Cebu Central Visayas

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Explore the Past – See the wooden cross and Santo Nino religious relic brought by Ferdinand Magellan when he arrived on the historical world circumnavigation in 1521. See where Magellan was slain by the Chief warrior Lapu Lapu. Walk over the Spanish Fort San Pedro around which the first City in the Philippines was established. Cebu is rich in history and has many places of interest to visit. 


Magellan's Cross

Old Canon at Fort San Pedro

Escape to Tropical Paradise - White Sandy Beaches with crystal clear waters and swaying palms, Enjoy swimming and all the other popular water sports. Snorkel over amazing coral reefs or Scuba Dive over old Ship wrecks.

Sandy white Beach

Island Hopping

Snorkel Coral Reef

Rich Cultural Diversity - Experience the music and dancing from diverse cultural influences including indigenous tribes, Moros and the Colonial Spanish period. Come on the third Sunday in January each year when Cebu celebrates the colourful Sinulog festival where tribes in dazzling costumes parade through the city streets from early morning to evening singing and dancing.

Traditional Filipino Dance

Native Bambo Dance

Sinulog Festival

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment - Sample the local cuisine which is a blend of Malay, Chinese and Spanish foods, or dine at some of the many international standard restaurants. Go shopping of exotic local products and souvenirs including shell craft and the world famous hand crafted guitars. Visit some of the numerous live music venues or explore the exciting nitelife.

Filipino Food

Mactan Hand Crafted Guitars

Filipino Live Band

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